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13/03/2015, 18:44
The CEN TC 226/WG 2 Committee on Horizontal Road Signs met in Prague on 12-13 March 2015 to discuss amongst the future development of road marking...
09/03/2015, 18:51
On 9 March, the RAINVISION project held its final meeting in Brussels, Belgium.  Co-financed by the European Commission, the RAINVISION project, over...
10/11/2014, 13:54
On 10 November, the European Commission invited the RAINVISION project coordinator to present the project's preliminary results to road authorities,...
10/10/2014, 16:15
On 7-9 October 2014, the French Institute for Roads and Mobility (IDRRIM) had its 2nd conference within the context of the EUROEXPO in Lyon. WP 2 leader...
18/06/2014, 18:32
On 18 June, ERF organised its 1st Symposium on Future Road Infrastructure Challenges in Brussels. Approximately 100 participants attended the event to...



The RAINVISION consortium consists of an experienced team of five partners coming from five European countries.

European Union Road Federation (Belgium) will be responsible for the coordination and dissemination of the project. As a non-profit association which coordinates the views of Europe’s road sector and acts as a platform for dialogue, information and research on mobility issues, ERF has an impressive track-record of involvement in European projects dealing with Infrastructure Safety Management and is in a unique position to liaise with all road sector actors.

3M (Germany) will be responsible for producing the recommendation handbook based on an holistic analysis of the results obtained from the simulator, the off-site and on-site road tests. 3M is leading multi-national technology company with a significant expertise in transport, which through its Traffic Safety Systems Division, has been furthering road marking solutions for decades.

Test and Training International (Austria) will be responsible for the track tests. TTI has been the leading provider worldwide of technical solutions and educational strategies in the field of road safety for the past 20 years. TTI’s expertise in developing road safety training centres will be crucial as they will be responsible for tailoring the track for the tests that will be carried out under this WP. Furthermore, TTI has developed the p-drive system that will be used to obtain the data from the drivers and analyse them subsequently.

Aximum (France) will be responsible for the simulation phases for the project. Aximum has been working closely with the subcontractor who develops the simulator over a number of years and thus is ideally placed to lead this WP. Moreover, Aximum demonstrates a real knowledge and experience in scientific and technical research projects oriented toward road safety and human factors in France. Finally, as part of the COLAS Group, Aximum is one of the leading companies in Europe in a wide road safety products and services, amongst others, the road markings.

Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA) will be responsible for the on-site tests. As a road markings association, RMSA has the necessary technical expertise to oversee the implementation of this WP and is well placed to liaise with relevant contractors who will be supplying the materials for the on-site tests. Moreover, as the project wishes to test the impact of road markings under wet and rainy conditions, the choice of the UK as the principal site for the on-site tests is particularly suitable.